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Treatments and Services Offered

In addition to our research, the PAARC provides treatment through our specialty clinic using cognitive behavior therapy, or CBT. You wonder what exactly cognitive behavior therapy is and how it can help your child and family. CBT is often a short-term treatment approach that provides skills and experiences to youth and adults that may aid in eliminating unwanted fear, anxiety, and depression symptoms.


Cognitive behavior therapy consists of education about the various anxiety and related symptoms a child may be experiencing, help with identifying worrisome or fearful thoughts they may be having and, primarily, support for changing the behaviors children are engaging in when feeling anxious. For example, some youth with fear or anxiety may avoid things or places that make them feel afraid or anxious. While this kind of avoidance may be helpful in some instances (i.e., when facing a truly dangerous situation), many of these behaviors are not necessary and over time may actually lead a child to feel even more fearful or anxious.


In addition, parents are encouraged to be involved and support their children during their time in cognitive behavior therapy, acting as a helper and coach during the treatment process. Working together with children and their families, the PAARC uses CBT and similar treatment models to help children better manage situations that are maintaining their anxiety and help them in leading happier and healthier lives.

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