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Selected Publications from the Past 5 Years

Wilton, E. P., Luke, A. K., Gladstone, T. R., Lahoud, A. A., Biscarri Clark, S. D., & Flessner, C. A. (2022). Psychometric Properties of a Measure Assessing Anxiogenic Parenting Practices in Food Allergy. Journal of Pediatric Psychology. PDF

Clark, S. D. B., Lahoud, A. A., Gladstone, T. R., Wilton, E. P., & Flessner, C. A. (2022). Sleep Disturbances in Pediatric Body-Focused Repetitive Behaviors: A Preliminary Investigation. Child Psychiatry & Human Development, 1-8. PDF

Wilton, E. P., Gladstone, T. R., Luke, A. K., Brennan, E., & Flessner, C. (2021). The Relationship Between Parent Executive Functioning and Accommodation. Journal of Child and Family Studies, 1-19. PDF

Wilton, E. P., Flessner, C. A., Brennan, E., Murphy, Y., Walther, M., Garcia, A., ... & Freeman, J. B. (2020). A neurocognitive comparison of pediatric obsessive-compulsive disorder and trichotillomania (hair pulling disorder). Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology, 48(5), 733-744. PDF

Luke, A. K., & Flessner, C. A. (2020). Examining differences in parent knowledge about pediatric food allergies. Journal of Pediatric Psychology, 45(1), 101-109. PDF
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