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The Pediatric Anxiety & Allergy Research Clinic (PAARC)

The goal of the specialty clinic division of the Pediatric Anxiety & Allergy Research Clinic (PAARC) is to provide treatments that work for the families of children in Northeastern Ohio and surrounding areas afflicted with a variety of anxiety and related problems, including Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD), Hair Pulling Disorder (Trichotillomania), Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD), Separation Anxiety Disorder (SAD), Tic Disorders, Social Phobia, and Specific Phobias. Dr. Flessner supervises 


The Kent State University PAARC offers evidence-based assessment and treatments for youths between 4 and 17 years of age experiencing a variety of anxiety and related problems including separation anxiety, social anxiety, generalized anxiety (i.e., worries about a lot of different things [e.g., school, his/her health, parents health, the future, things he/she sees on TV]), obsessive-compulsive disorder (e.g., washing hands, checking to see if the lights are turned off, needing to do things until they feel "just right"), hair pulling, or tic disorders (e.g., Tourette's syndrome).

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What Do We Mean When We Say “Treatments That Work”?

This means that the various treatments used by the members of the PAARC have been shown in research studies to provide benefit for children experiencing similar symptoms to your child.


These treatments are most often referred to as cognitive-behavior therapy (CBT) and range from family-based to individual therapy. Although circumstances will vary from child-to-child, treatment typically occurs over 12 to 16 sessions weekly sessions.


Pharmacotherapy (e.g., medication) is not part of the services offered through our program though referrals are sometimes made, if deemed appropriate, to child psychiatrists in the area. 

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